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married, C. P. McGraw. In 1870 my father married Miss Emily Hogan, sister of the above named James Hogan.

On March 3, 1872, I was born. They named me for both of my grandmothers -- Dorothy Annie.

On March 23, my father's mother died. I was only twenty days old.

I know that must have almost taken his life, to have to give up his mother, as he always loved and reverenced her so much.

I forgot to say at the beginning that my father was converted and joined the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, when quite young, at old Hopewell, in Franklin County. His father and mother would carry their children there to camp meetings, and stay for several days. Those days people enjoyed the "Old Time Religion".

He, being reared by Christian parents, never departed from his teaching, always lived an exemplary life, worthy of anyone's emulation. He always helped the poor, when it was possible, and never passed a poor blind person on the street, without helping them. Some would think them unworthy, that perhaps they had more of this world's goods than they had, but my father would always say -- "The question was not whether they were doing right, but was whether or not he was doing right." He was not alone in his good deeds, for he chose a life companion who approved of all good things, and was willing and ready to help him in every way possible. She would always see the good in anyone, and overlook the bad -- never spoke evil of people.

On Oct. 26, 1874, a second daughter was born to my parents. They named her Ionia Eugenia. My father having met a girl during the war by the name of Ionia, and he fancied the name. The second name was for some of the relatives -- a cousin, I believe. A third daughter, Cora Louisa, was born July 25, 1876. She was named for two of her aunts; and on Nov. 17, 1879, a fourth daughter was born, Mattie Sue, also named for two of her aunts. On May 18, 1881 the first son was born, they named him Benjamin Alexander, for both his grandfathers. Then on April 25, 1883, a fifth daughter, Lucy Adella was born. My father always admired the name of Lucy. I do not know who the second name was for. On Oct. 16, 1887, a second son, and baby of the family was born. He was named William Hezekiah for two of his uncles. Thus seven children were born to this union, and I am thankful to say all are living today.

Before this time, all my father's sisters, except one, Martha, had married. She remained with my father and mother for several years, then moved to her sister, Sue McCraw's [or McGraw] and stayed there until she died. His sister Sarah married Henry Walters, and Core, William A. Malone.

I was six or seven years old, before my father had just his own individual family to support.

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Life of John C. Porter and Sketch of His Experiences in the Civil War

John C. Porter 1874