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Editor's Comments

This volume is an online version of the 1974 publication:

Papers Concerning Robertson's Colony in Texas, Volume I, 1788-1822, The Texas Association, Compiled and Edited by Malcolm D. McLean, Texas Christian University Press, Fort Worth, Texas, 1974, pp. lxxi, 567. ISBN 0932-408-01-X.

The original publication is presented in its entirety (including notation of blank pages) as a succession of page images, except for the table of contents and three indexes. See About This Volume for details.

Use of page images assures complete fidelity to the original printed version although they may take a few moments longer to load. The benefit for the researcher is that you can be assured that no errors have crept in as part of getting the volume online. At the age of 85, I did not wish to proofread the entire volume, again!

Personal comments, thanks and reflections: Back in 1939, when my wife, Margaret Stoner McLean, and I just started gathering material about Robertson's Colony in Texas, I never dreamed that 59 years later I would be writing these notes for an electronic edition! Meanwhile, the series has grown to 19 volumes and won 21 awards, all of which makes it a very useful tool for the researcher in Texas history.

After publication of the 19th volume, I considered my days of publishing to be over and the enormity of the task of an Internet publication just left me paralyzed. However, my son, John Robertson McLean, began to initiate me into the mysteries of the internet, e-mail and created a web site for me. Then suddenly, H. David Maxey volunteered to tackle the job of getting Volume 1 on the internet for free, gratis, for nothing as we say in English. David is a native Texan and fellow Texian Web member. His love of Texas history and dedication to scholarship are evident both in this work and his own Texian Web site (Index to Military Rolls of the Republic of Texas, 1835-1845.) I am particularly indebted to David for his inspiration to get this volume online and his tireless efforts to scan it in and work with John to get the job done. May they continue to enjoy good health and live forever!

Malcolm Dallas McLean, PhD

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