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Excerpt from Yoakum's "Memoir of Colonel Ellis P. Bean. (Written by Himself, about the Year 1816.)," (entered under March 21, 1801). 44
Theodore Mallet vs. the Heirs of Elijah Robertson, May 10, 1806. 54
Theodoris Malett vs. Elijah Robertson's Executors, (after May 10, 1806). 57
Zebulon Montgomery Pike to Nemesio Salcedo, April 4, 1807, asking him to free the men who were captured with Philip Nolan. 62
Excerpt from Zebulon M. Pike's Journals, June 16, 1807, covering his travels along the southern boundary of what later became Robertson's Colony. 65
Zebulon Montgomery Pike to the Natchez Herald, July 22, 1807, enclosing a statement of the situation of the companions of the deceased Philip Nolan. 68
Survey for John Sutton, August 9, 1807, calling for 100 acres on the Double Lick Fork of an unnamed stream. 74
Capt. Jas. Patterson - Imprisonment in Mexico, (about April 1, 1809). 76
Samuel Davenport to José María Guadiana, September 23, 1809, reporting discovery of an enormous ball of platinum on the Upper Brazos. 83
Secret Orders to José Goseascoechea to arrest the party of Anglo-American miners on the Brazos and bring back a load of ore, October 4, 1809. 86
Letter to the Commandant General, enclosing Samuel Davenport's original report, October 4, 1809. 88
Manuel de Salcedo to Bernardo Bonavía, October 6, 1809, reporting that Captain Gozeascochea's party set out the day before. 90
Item from the Louisiana Gazette, St. Louis, December 28, 1809, reporting that Capt. R. Smith, Mr. M'Lanehan, Mr. Patterson, and Manuel Blanco set out about November 20, 1809, over a new route for Santa Fe to do some trading. 91
Bernardo Bonavía to Manuel de Salcedo, January 4, 1810, saying that by the next mail he will forward, to the Commandant General, Samuel Davinport's original report on the two parties of Anglo Americans who entered Texas to work mines on the Brazos River. 92
Luis de Onís to the Viceroy of New Spain, February 7, 1810, enclosing a newspaper article about the party which set out from St. Genevieve for Santa Fe on November 20, 1809. 93
The Viceroy of New Spain to Spanish Officials throughout the Americas, March 28, 1810, warning them that 50 French Spies of Napoleon have set out from Norfolk en route to overthrow Spanish dominions in the Americas, and

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