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Excerpt from Humboldt's Map, (after January 1, 1811), which incorrectly showed the Red River as a continuation of the Pecos and omitted the Brazos altogether. 136
Article from the Louisiana Gazette, St. Louis, March 14, 1811, saying that 300 men will rendezvous on the 25th of that month at the mouth of the Canadian forks of the Arkansas River to effect the release of Smith, M'Clanahan, and Patterson. 140
Eye-Witness Account of the Execution of Father Hidalgo, (entered under July 30, 1811). 142
Pike's Expedition, August 13, 1811, the first of a series of articles published in The Democratic Clarion & Tennessee Gazette, Nashville, analyzing Pike's Account. 148
The return of Smith, McClannigen, and Patterson, (entered under April 27, 1812). Extract from a letter from John Sibley, Indian Agent, to William Eustis, Secretary of War, saying that they have just arrived in Natchitoches, Louisiana. 149
Article from The Democratic Clarion & Tennessee Gazette, Nashville, June 10, 1812, reporting that McClenahan, Patterson, and Smith arrived in Natchez on May 4, 1812, on their way back to St. Louis, which they had left on November 19, 1809. 150
"The Wild Horses of Mexico," an article from The Democratic Clarion & Tennessee Gazette, Nashville, May 19, 1812, being a liberal re-write of Pike's story. 152
Bill of sale from Robert Leftwich to Edward Tanner, May 23, 1812, for a negro boy named Buck. 156
Dick McFarland and the Indians up the Brazos. 158
Power of Attorney from Edward Tanner to Robert Leftwich, February 9, 1813, to transact Tanner's business in Warren County, North Carolina. 164
Item from The Clarion and Tennessee Gazette, Nashville, April 20, 1813, announcing the sale of lots in Elkton, Giles County, Tennessee, with Nelson Patterson as one of the commissioners. 166
Washington L. Hannum to Sterling C. Robertson, April 13, 1814, selling to Robertson an undivided 1/4 interest in 5,000 acres on the North Fork of the Lousahatchie River. 168
Deed from John Childress to Sterling C. Robertson, April 15, 1814, for 2,027 acres lying on Richland Creek, being part of the 5,000 acres granted to Thomas Polk on July 10, 1788. 172

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