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Joseph Hawkins to Stephen F. Austin, July 23, 1822, urging him to write Governor Carroll and encourage his desire to take a land grant and settle in Texas. 449
Stephen F. Austin to J. H. Bell and others, July 26, 1822, introducing Andrew Erwin. 452
Letter from (Andrew Erwin?), July 28, (1822), giving an eyewitness account of the coronation of Iturbide on July 21. 455
Deed of trust from Sterling C. Robertson to Elizabeth Childress, July 28, 1822, giving her all the right, title, and interest he had in 2200 acres in Giles County, Tennessee, on which Sterling C. Robertson's farm was located. 458
Deed of release from Sterling C. Robertson to Eldridge B. Robertson, August 1, 1822, covering 19 negroes. 463
Deed of Conveyance from Eldridge B. Robertson to Sterling C. Robertson, August 1, 1822, covering 4 negroes and all his lands in the western districts, plus his interest in the lots in Nashville, and all his lands in the middle district; also providing that, if Eldridge B. should die before 1830, Sterling C. is to be his executor and receive all his personal property - all for a consideration of $12,000. 465
Stephen F. Austin to (Joseph H. Hawkins), August 6, 1822, reporting that the colonization law is now being printed. 468
Dinner for Andrew Erwin, October 25, 1822. 470
Call for members of the Texas Association to go by Leonard P. Cheatham's office to approve or reject the conditional contracts exhibited at the last meeting, published October 30, 1822. 474
Division of land among heirs of Elijah Robertson, October 31, 1822. Concerns 5,000 acres on the Loosehatchie River, partly in Shelby County, Tennessee, near Memphis. 475
Call for a full meeting of the Texas Association on November 9, published November 6, 1822. 487
Newspaper controversy between Patrick H. Darby and Andrew Erwin, November 8, 1822, wherein Darby accuses Erwin of being a slave smuggler. The article also reveals that Erwin was once a partner of Jared E. Groce. 488
Call for a meeting of the Texas Association on November 30, published November 20, 1822. 515
The Darby-Erwin controversy, November 20, 1822. Erwin's side of the story. 516
Call for payment of five dollars on each share of stock in the Texas Association, by December 21. Published December 18, 1822. 518
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