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The following abbreviations were used to limit the size of the
listings. They are sometimes used without a period, to conserve
line space.


Source references are denoted by a letter and number within 
square brackets, e.g., "[A10]".  The letter indicates:

     "A" - A reference to an archive holding the military 
           roll or list, or earliest known copy

     "T" - A reference to a published transcription or a
           secondary source


  [rev1-7]  Revolution and Following Year 1835-1837 (pp.1-7)
  [arm1-3]  Army of the Republic 1836-1842 (pp.1-3)
  [mil1-8]  Republic of Texas Militia 1836-1845 (pp.1-8)
  [nav1]    Republic of Texas Navy 1836-1846 (p.1)
  [cam1-2]  Campaigns of 1842 (pp.1-2)


   Actg  -  Acting
   AdC   -  Aid de Camp
   Adjt. -  Adjutant
   Alt.  -  Alternate
   Art.  -  Artillery
   Ap.   -  Appointed
   Asst. -  Assistant
   Brig. -  Brigade, Brigadier
   Bty   -  Bounty
   Bvt.  -  Brevetted (field promotion)
   c.    -  circa
   CCWD  -  unknown
   char. -  characters, of printer
   Chf   -  Chief 
   Clk   -  Clerk
   Co.   -  Company/county
   Col.  -  Colonel
   Comm. -  Command, Commanding
   Commr -  Commissioner
   Comsy -  Commissary
   Cont. -  Continued
   Cpl.  -  Corporal
   D.W.  -  Duration of War
   Dep:  -  Deployment locations mentioned, not enlistment
   Des   -  Descriptive Roll
   Det.  -  Detached service
   do    -  Ditto, repeat the above entry
   Dr.   -  Doctor
   Dup   -  Duplicate name on roll
   Elect.-  Election
   Ensn  -  Ensign
   Est.  -  estimate
   Gen.  -  General
   H.Q.  -  Head Quarters
   Insp. -  Inspector
   Insr. -  Instructor
   J.P.  -  Justice of the Peace
   l.    -  Leaf, followed by book leaf number
   List  -  list of men in company or on muster roll
   Lt.   -  Lieutenant
   Maj.  -  Major
   Mast. -  Master
   M.D.  -  medical doctor
   ms.   -  manuscript
   Musn  -  Musician
   nd.   -  no date
   N.P.  -  Notary Public
   O.S.  -  Orderly Sergeant, the first sergeant
   Ord.  -  Orderly; Ordnance
   p.    -  Page, followed by page number
   Pay   -  Payroll/receipt roll
   +Pay  -  combined muster roll and payroll
   P.M.  -  Principal Musician
   Pres. -  President
   Pvt.  -  Private
   Q.M.  -  Quarter Master
   Regt. -  Regiment
   Rep   -  Report, summary of condition of men or equipment
   S.M.  -  Sailing Master
   Sec.  -  Secretary
  [sic]  -  as in the original document
   Sgt.  -  Sergeant
   Surg  -  Surgeon
   T.A.  -  Texas/Texan Army
   Temp. -  temporarily
   T.M.  -  Texas Militia
   T.V.  -  Texas Volunteers
   Vol.  -  Volunteer
   1st   -  first occurrence of a name on a roll
   2nd   -  second occurrence of the same name on a roll; a second
            roll for same span of dates
  [...]  -  illegible

   Initials without periods: Some soldiers had only a letter as a
            middle name

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