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Bounty Land Grants  N - R

Nabers, Robert W.
Nabors, Robert W.       (see Don also)
Nabors, R. W.
Nabors, William         (see Don also)
Nabors, William
Nash, Jesse E.
Nash, J. H.             (see Don also)
Navarro, N.             (see Don also)
Neal, A. G.
Neal, Fielding
Neal, William J.
Neathery, Samuel
Neely, James H.
Neely, James H.         (see Don also)
Neggin, George (Heirs)
Neibling, Frederick
Neil, C. J.
Neill, Andrew
Neill, Andrew
Neill, J. C.            (see Don also)
Neill, John
Neill, Robert
Neill, William
Nellums, Lewis
Nelson, Aaron
Nelson, Andrew M.       (see Don also)
Nelson, David S.
Nelson, Edward (Heirs)
Nelson, James           (see Don also)
Nelson, John
Nelson, John
Nelson, John D.
Nelson, Samuel K.
Nelson, Thomas T.
Nelson, W. F.
Nesbit, John
Nesbit, John
Nesbit, Thomas (Heirs)
Nettles, William
Neusheafer, Andrew
Neven, Patrick (Heirs)  (see Don also)
Neville, Hardin
Neville, James
New, William
Newcomb, William
Newford, William
Newford, William
Newman, Benjamin S.
Newman, R. D.
Newman, Richard D.
Newman, William R.
Newton, John
Newton, Smith
Newton, Smith
Nicholas, Phillip
Nicholds, W. W.
Nichols, George         (see Don also)
Nichols, George
Nichols, Thomas J.
Nichols, William W.
Nicholson, Stephen
Nicholson, William F.
Nicodemus, Daniel
Nixon, L. D.
Nixon, Richard
Nixon, Richard
Noble, Benjamin
Noble, Isaac B.
Noble, James
Noble, John
Nobles, Sanders L.
Nobles, Watkins (Heirs) (see Don also)
Noblitt, George
Noffee, C. G. W.
Nolan, John
Nolan, John
Noland, John            (see Don also)
Noll, Michael
Norment, Thomas
Norment, William G.
Norris, Isaac
Norris, Isaac
Norris, Thomas
North, Charles P.
Northcross, James (Heirs) (see Don also)
Norton, Edward
Norton, Peter           (see Don also)
Norvall, William L.
Norvell, Lipscomb
Norvelle, Willis S.
Nowlan, James (Heirs)   (see Don also)
Nowlan, Robert
Nuner, D.
Nuner, Dyer (Substitute for Joel Greenwood)
Nuner, Dyer
Nuner, William Mc Minn
Nunley, Anderson
Nunley, Archilous
Nutt, H. M. B.

Oakes, David B.
Oakley, Jesse A.
Oakley, Washington
O'Bannon, Jennings      (see Don also)
O'Boyle, Daniel. See Boyle, Daniel O.
O'Brien, Alexander
O'Brien, James W.
O'Brien, James W.
O'Conner, C. J.
O'Conner, Edward
O'Connor, Patrick B.    (see Don also)
O'Connor, Thomas
O'Connor, Thomas
O'Connor, Thomas        (see Don also)
O'Daniel, John
Odele, Henry
Odell, Henry
Odenath, J. J.
Odle, Benjamin
Odom, David             (see Don also)
Odone, Brittain
O'Donnell, A.
O'Donnell, Patrick
O'Driscoll, Daniel      (see Don also)
Ogburn, J. C.
Ogden, John C.
Ogden, John C.
Ogsberry, Charles A.
Ogsbury, John J.
O'Hanlon, Charles P.
O'Hara, Charles
O'Hare, Edward
Oldham, William
Oliver, John M. (Heirs) (see Don also)
Oliver, Robert
Oliver, Robert
Oltman, John H. W.
O'Neal, James
O'Neal, Timothy
O'Neal, William
O'Neil, Arthur
O'Neil, John
Onery, John
Orcutt, Enoch
Ornic, Peter
Orr, Alexander D.
Orr, Thomas
Orr, Thomas             (see Don also)
Osborn, B. F.
Osborn, Edmund
Osborn, John L.         (see Don also)
Osborn, John L.
Osborn, Patrick (Heirs) (see Don also)
Osborn, Thomas          (see Don also)
Osborn, Thomas
Osgood, Charles
Ostrander, Volney
Ostroski, Anthony
Ottiwell, William H.
Ottiwell, William H.
Outlaw, L. B.           (see Don also)
Overton, Richard
Overton, Richard
Owen, Clark L.
Owen, Clark L.
Owen, James D.          (see Don also)
Owen, John
Owen, L. R.
Owens, B. W.
Owens, Hugh
Owens, James J.
Owens, John
Owens, Richard
Owens, Robert B.
Owens, Robert B.
Owens, William
Owings, Robert S. (Heirs) (see Don also)
Ownsby, James P.

Pace, Dempsey
Pace, Hardin
Pace, James R.
Pace, J. R.             (see Don also)
Pace, Robert A. (Heirs) (see Don also)
Pace, Wesley W.         (see Don also)
Page, Joseph W.         (see Don also)
Page, William
Paine, George
Paine, George M.
Paine, John             (see Don also)
Palacios, Juan          (see Don also)
Palmer, David D.
Palmer, Isom            (see Don also)
Palmer, V. R.
Palmer, William C.
Pannel, Hugh G.
Park, William A.        (see Don also)
Parke, George S.
Parker, Benjamin
Parker, Calvin
Parker, Christapher A. [sic]
Parker, Cris (Heirs)
Parker, Daniel, Jr.
Parker, Dickerson       (see Don also)
Parker, George D.
Parker, Gustavus
Parker, Isaac
Parker, Isaac G.
Parker, James W.
Parker, John K. (Heirs) (see Don also)
Parker, Levi J.
Parker, Mathew
Parker, Richard H.
Parker, Thomas
Parker, William S. (Heirs) (see Don also)
Parkerson, M. M.
Parkhurst, John H.
Parks, Alexander
Parks, Joseph B.
Parks, William (Heirs)  (see Don also)
Parr, Samuel
Parrott, C. W.          (see Don also)
Parrott, T. F. L.
Parson, Abel
Parvin, William (Heirs) (see Don also)
Paschal, F. L.
Paschal, F. L.
Paschal, Samuel         (see Don also)
Passano, Frank
Pate, Isaac
Pate, William H.        (see Don also)
Pate, William H.
Pate, William H.
Patillo, George A.
Patterson, Edward
Patterson, James S.
Patterson, John
Patterson, William
Patterson, William P.
Patterson, William P.
Patton, Alexander E. (Heirs) (see Don also)
Patton, Anthony B.
Patton, Charles (Heirs) (see Don also)
Patton, C. R.
Patton, H.
Patton, Moses L.
Patton, Robert, Jr.
Patton, St. Clair       (see Don also)
Patton, William
Patton, William H.      (see Don also)
Patton, William H.
Payne, Guilford
Payne, Jadediah
Payne, John C.
Payne, Thomas P.
Payne, W. H.
Pea, Abram (Heirs)
Pea, William H.
Peace, Edward A.
Peace, Henry
Peace, Henry            (see Don also)
Peace, Hiram            (see Don also)
Peacock, John W. (Heirs) (see Don also)
Pead, Henry
Pearce, Phillip R.
Pearce, W. J. C.        (see Don also)
Pearce, W. J. C.
Pearman, George
Pearsall, Lacy
Pearson, John
Pearson, Thomas K. (Heirs)
Pease, Lorrain T.       (see Don also)
Peasley, Joseph
Peck, Barton
Peck, Nathaniel         (see Don also)
Peck, Thomas
Peebles, L. W. T.
Pelton, Enoch
Pemberton, John J.      (see Don also)
Pena, Jacinto
Pendleton, Samuel S.
Pendleton, William H.
Pennington, Isaac
Pennington, James (Heirs)
Pennington, J. M.
Pennington, Sidney      (see Don also)
Pennington, Sidney O.   (see Don also)
Penny, George W. (Heirs) (see Don also)
Pentecost, G. W.        (see Don also)
Peoples, John H.
Peoples, John H.
Perez, Balentine
Perkins, Austin (Heirs) (see Don also)
Perkins, Isaac
Perkins, Leonard
Perry, A. G.
Perry, C. R.
Perry, D.               (see Don also)
Perry, Edward
Perry, Henry
Perry, James
Perry, James
Perry, James H.         (see Don also)
Perry, L. W.
Perry, Milton
Perry, Richardson (Heirs)
Perry, S. W.            (see Don also)
Perry, William M.
Person, John
Peters, Henry A.
Peters, Henry A.
Peters, O. H.
Peters, Richard
Peterson, John          (see Don also)
Peterson, William       (see Don also)
Petreswick, F. (Heirs)  (see Don also)
Pettingale, George W.
Pettit, Henry
Pettuck, George
Pettus, Edward C.
Pettus, Edward C.       (see Don also)
Pettus, John F.         (see Don also)
Pettus, John F.
Pettus, Samuel O. (Heirs) (see Don also)
Pettus, William         (see Don also)
Petty, George M.
Petty, George W.        (see Don also)
Pettyjohn, Josiah
Pevehouse, Preston      (see Don also)
Pevetoe, Michael (Heirs)
Pevyhouse, John         (see Don also)
Pevyhouse, John
Phelps, Enoch S.
Phelps, James A. E.     (see Don also)
Phelps, William
Philips, John
Phillips, Bennett
Phillips, Eli
Phillips, Eli
Phillips, John H. (Heirs)
Phillips, Samuel
Phillips, Sydney        (see Don also)
Phillips, William
Pickering, John         (see Don also)
Pickering, John
Pickering, John
Pickett, John J.        (see Don also)
Pickett, Lewis
Pieper, Peter
Pier, J. B.
Pier, J. B.
Pierce, Silas C.
Pierson, J. G. W.
Pierson, John H.
Pilant, George B.
Piles, Joseph T.
Pinchbeck, James        (see Don also)
Ping, Jonathon
Pinson, John D.
Pittman, Edward W.
Pittman, H. M.          (see Don also)
Pittman, James F. (Heirs)
Pittman, Samuel C. (Heirs) (see Don also)
Pitts, John
Pitts, Levi
Pitts, Levi
Plaster, Thomas P.      (see Don also)
Plaster, Thomas P.
Pleasants, George W.    (see Don also)
Pleasants, John         (see Don also)
Plummer, Hiram
Plummer, L. M.
Plunkett, John          (see Don also)
Poe, George W.
Poindexter, John J.
Poindexter, William G.
Pointer, John
Poland, Enoch
Polk, William
Pollan, John
Pollard, Amos (Heirs)   (see Don also)
Pollard, James F.
Pomroy, Josiah
Pond, C. W.
Pool, Beverly
Pool, Jonathon C.
Pool, Walter
Poole, Thomas
Porter, Humphrey
Porter, J. B.
Porter, John
Porter, Nicholas
Porter, R. A.
Porter, Thomas
Post, John C.
Post, John C.
Postley, William A.
Potter, M. W.
Potter, Samuel
Powell, Edward
Powell, F. C.
Powell, F. C.
Powell, G. W.
Powell, James           (see Don also)
Powell, Joseph
Powell, Lewis (Heirs)   (see Don also)
Powell, Samuel G.
Powell, T. C. (Heirs)   (see Don also)
Powell, Wiley
Powell, Wiley G.
Powell, Wyley
Power, James
Powers, Hiram A.
Powers, John
Powers, John M. (Heirs)
Powers, William
Prather, Stephen        (see Don also)
Prator, Phillip
Pratt, Albert           (see Don also)
Pratt, John
Pratt, Thomas
Pratt, Thomas
Pratt, Thomas A. S.     (see Don also)
Presley, William
Pressly, William A.
Preston, John L.
Preusch, William (Heirs) (see Don also)
Prewit, Edmund
Prewit, Elisha          (see Don also)
Prewit, Elisha
Prewit, Levi            (see Don also)
Prewitt, William
Price, George W.
Price, G. W.
Price, James Pope
Price, John T.
Price, John T.
Price, Jonas
Price, Perry            (see Don also)
Price, Perry
Price, Reese D.
Price Robert
Price, Robert D.
Price, Thomas
Price, Thomas
Price, William          (see Don also)
Price, William
Price, William B.
Prichalski, Eugene
Prichard, Sion
Pride, Alfred
Prissick, William
Prissick, William
Probarth, Joseph
Probert, William E.
Probert, William E.
Proctor, Frederick      (see Don also)
Proctor, H. S.
Proctor, Joseph         (see Don also)
Proctor, Joseph
Proctor, Joseph W.
Proseus, Henry
Pruit, Beasley
Pruitt, Willis
Puckett, R. R.
Pulliam, E. P.          (see Don also)
Purcell, Joseph
Purcell, Joseph
Purdon, Simeon
Purdy, Letson
Putnam, Dickenson
Putnam, Mitchell        (see Don also)
Puttuff, Benjamin
Pyron, David Y.

Quick, John C. C.
Quigby, A. (Heirs)
Quillen, Charles        (see Don also)
Quin, Selim M.
Quin, William (Heirs)   (see Don also)
Quinley, E.
Quinn, James
Quinn, Patrick
Quinn, Patrick
Quinn, Patrick
Quinn, William
Quirk, Thomas (Heirs)   (see Don also)

Rabia, Sanitago
Raby, Kader
Radford, John
Ragan, Elihu T.
Ragan, William
Rager, Michael L.
Raglin, Henry W.
Ragsdale, J. C.
Ragsdale, Thomas
Rahin, John
Rainey, Clement         (see Don also)
Rainey, Robert R. (Heirs) (see Don also)
Rainey, William C.
Rains, Joel D.          (see Don also)
Rains, Joel D.          (see Don also)
Rains, John D.          (see Don also)
Rains, Thomas P.
Ralph, Samuel           (see Don also)
Ramerez, Edward         (see Don also)
Ramey, Lawrence         (see Don also)
Ramey, Lawrence
Ramirez, Eduardo
Ramos, Vicente          (see Don also)
Ramsdale, George L.
Ramsey, James W.
Ramsey, John A.
Ramsey, R. D.
Rand, Amasa
Randall, Osborn W.
Randle, B.
Rankin, David           (see Don also)
Rankowski, W.
Ranney, William
Ranney, William
Ranney, William
Raper, Marcus B.
Ratcliff, William D.
Ravenstone, Hubert
Ravey, William H.
Rawls, Benjamin
Rawls, James
Rawls, Richard
Rawson, Albert G.
Ray, Anderson (Heirs)   (see Don also)
Ray, Joseph
Ray, Robert
Raymond, S. B.          (see Don also)
Read, B. S.
Read, Ezra
Read, J. C.
Read, William           (see Don also)
Reams, Obediah P.
Reams, S. Y.            (see Don also)
Reams, S. Y.            (see Don also)
Reaves, J. B.
Reavill, B. F.
Reavis, James B.
Recindez, Nepomuceno
Rector, Claiborne       (see Don also)
Rector, E. G.           (see Don also)
Rector, F. C.
Rector, Pendleton       (see Don also)
Rector, Pendleton
Rector, Rodolf
Redd, William D.        (see Don also)
Redding, Robert L.
Redding, William G.
Redfield, Henry
Redfield, William
Redfield, William
Redman, Thomas J.
Reed, Benjamin H.
Reed, Elijah B.
Reed, Henry             (see Don also)
Reed, Isaac
Reed, James
Reed, James
Reed, James G.
Reed, Jefferson
Reed, John
Reed, Joseph
Reed, Richmond
Reed, William
Reel, R. J. W.          (see Don also)
Reese, Charles K.
Reese, James
Reese, James
Reese, John             (see Don also)
Reese, John
Reese, John
Reese, Perry (Heirs)    (see Don also)
Reese, Thomas B. (Heirs) (see Don also)
Reese, Washington P.    (see Don also)
Reese, William
Reeves, Allen
Reeves, Dimer W.
Reid, S. H.
Reinhardt, J. P.        (see Don also)
Renard, S.
Renfro, David
Renfro, Peter
Reynard, F. J.
Reynolds, George        (see Don also)
Reynolds, Green
Reynolds, Isaac
Reynolds, Joseph
Reynolds, Joshua C.
Rhodes, Cherry
Rhodes, John B.
Rhodes, Joseph M.       (see Don also)
Rice, James O.
Rice, J. O.
Rice, Joseph D.
Rice, Joseph D.
Rice, Lorenzo
Rice, Sanford
Rice, Spencer
Rice, William
Richards, Charles
Richards, Jefferson
Richards, John (Heirs)  (see Don also)
Richards, John B.
Richards, William
Richardson, Andrew
Richardson, Daniel
Richardson, Henry
Richardson, Isaac C.
Richardson, James W.
Richardson, John        (see Don also)
Richardson, Lewis       (see Don also)
Richardson, Stephen     (see Don also)
Richardson, West
Richardson, William
Ricks, George
Ricks, George W.        (see Don also)
Riddell, Samuel (Heirs)
Riddle, Charles H.
Riddle, Joseph P. (Heirs) (see Don also)
Ridens, B. G.
Ridley, Mark C.
Rigby, Benjamin
Riggs, Hiram
Rigsby, Benjamin
Riley, Charles
Riley, Francis
Riley, John
Riley, John
Rine, John M.
Rinehart, Asa
Rinehart, Jacob
Ripley, H. D. (Heirs)   (see Don also)
Ripley, Phineas
Risk, T. F.
Ritchey, John R.
Ritchie, Roland
Ritter, Everett
Rivers, Anthony
Rives, Thomas (Heirs)
Rivier, William K.
Roarer, Conrad (See Donation, "Roaver, Conrad.")
Roark, Jackson
Roark, Washington
Robbins, Early
Robbins, Mijamin
Robbins, Nathaniel
Robbins, Thomas         (see Don also)
Robblis, Alexander
Robert, Wiper
Roberts, Alexander S.
Roberts, Charles
Roberts, George M.
Roberts, Isaac
Roberts, Jeremiah
Roberts, John S.        (see Don also)
Roberts, Joseph W.
Roberts, J. P.
Roberts, Moses F.
Roberts, Redding
Roberts, R. F. (Heirs)
Roberts, Robert F.
Roberts, Stephen R.     (see Don also)
Roberts, Thomas H. (Heirs)
Roberts, William        (see Don also)
Roberts, William W.
Roberts, W. T. (Heirs)
Robertson, Daniel
Robertson, E. S. C.
Robertson, Finis
Robertson, Jacob
Robertson, James C.
Robertson, James C.
Robertson, J. B.
Robertson, John
Robertson, J. W.
Robertson, Larkin
Robertson, Neil
Robertson, Sterling C. (E. S. C.)
Robertson, Sterling Clark (see Don also)
Robinett, James
Robinett, John
Robinson, Benjamin W.   (see Don also)
Robinson, E.
Robinson, George
Robinson, George N.     (see Don also)
Robinson, H. A.
Robinson, Isaac
Robinson, James M. (Heirs) (see Don also)
Robinson, James W.      (see Don also)
Robinson, Jesse         (see Don also)
Robinson, John
Robinson, Neill K.
Robinson, Phineas J.
Robinson, Richard
Robinson, Thomas
Robinson, Thomas J. (Heirs) (see Don also)
Robinson, Thomas J.
Robinson, Thomas J. (Substitute for James Adams)
Robinson, William
Rock, Thomas
Rockwell, Chester
Rockwell, J.
Rodearmel, Lemuel M.
Rodgers, J. B. (Heirs)
Rodriguez, Ambrosio     (see Don also)
Rodriguez, Jose De Jesus (see Don also)
Rodriguez, Justo        (see Don also)
Roeder, Albert          (see Don also)
Rogers, Frederick
Rogers, Henry
Rogers, Hugh (Heirs)
Rogers, Jacob
Rogers, James
Rogers, James
Rogers, John
Rogers, John K.
Rogers, Joseph
Rogers, Raleigh
Rogers, Samuel A.
Rogers, Wiley
Rogers, William H. (Heirs)
Roland, John (Heirs)
Rolston, Thomas
Roman, Richard          (see Don also)
Romershausan, Edward
Roome, John
Rooney, Cornelius (Heirs) (see Don also)
Rose, Gideon (Heirs)    (see Don also)
Rose, James (Heirs)
Rose, James
Rose, James M. (Heirs)  (see Don also)
Rose, Lewis
Rosenberg, William
Rosier, John P. (see also Rozier, John P.)
Ross, Carmon
Ross, George
Ross, Gideon S. (Heirs) (see Don also)
Ross, Reuben
Ross, Richard
Ross, Thomas
Rosson, Hiram
Rouche, Peter
Rounds, George
Rounds, Lyman F.
Rousseau, J. F.
Rousseau, R. H.
Routch, Joseph
Row, John
Rowan, Thomas E.
Rowden, James (Heirs)
Rowden, James
Rowe, Samuel, Jr. (Heirs) (see Don also)
Rowland, Samuel
Rowles, Richard
Rowlett, A. W.          (see Don also)
Rowlett, Daniel
Roy, James E.
Royall, R. R.
Royster, David
Rozier, John P. (see also Rosier, John P.)
Rubio, Ramon            (see Don also)
Ruddell, John
Rudder, Nathaniel       (see Don also)
Ruddle, John            (see Don also)
Rudge, Frederick
Rudge, Frederick
Ruhl, Englebert
Ruiz, Antonio           (see Don also)
Ruiz, Esmergeldo (Esmeryildo)
Rumley, Thomas (Heirs)  (see Don also)
Rupley, William
Rusk, David             (see Don also)
Rusk, Thomas J.         (see Don also)
Russell, Alexander
Russell, Eli
Russell, Elsey
Russell, Hiram H.       (see Don also)
Russell, Robert
Russell, Robert W.      (see Don also)
Russell, Thomas
Russell, Thomas
Russell, W. J.          (see Don also)
Ruter, Lewis
Ruth, Michael
Rutherford, Austin S.
Rutherford, J.          (see Don also)
Rutledge, Richard       (see Don also)
Ryan, Andrew
Ryan, Edward (Heirs)    (see Don also)
Ryan, Isaac (Heirs)     (see Don also)
Ryan, James
Ryan, Nicholas J.
Ryan, Thomas
Ryerson, Peter
Ryley, Francis
Rynearson, James

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