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NAME INDEX (Partial*)

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Surname unspecified

Roll-group name abbreviation
  [rev1-7]  Revolution and Following Year 1835-1837 (pp. 1-7)
  [arm1-3]  Army of the Republic 1836-1842 (pp. 1-3)
  [mil1-8]  Republic of Texas Militia 1836-1845 (pp. 1-8)
  [nav1]    Republic of Texas Navy 1836-1846 (p. 1)
  [cam1-2]  Campaigns of 1842 (pp. 1-2)

* Names from rolls with LIST pages.
Note:  If a man's name is not found in this partial index, his captain may be identified with the man's name in the online Republic Claims (see Research Help page).

Index to Military Rolls of the Republic of Texas 1835-1845
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