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Log of New Material

This is a log of changes to this online Index, from Release 3, the first public version.

Release 6 Editing (April 2008)

  • Editing for move to TSHA web site. Editing of Research Help page and correction of off-site web links.

Release 6 Editing (August 2007)

  • Editing of descriptive material. Correction of web links and name of S.B. Evans.

Release 6 (October 2004)

  • Addition of names from 60 rolls of the group: Campaigns of 1842.
  • Transcription of lists and muster rolls of the 1842 Mier Expedition, with chronology and map.
  • A Research Help page for genealogists seeking ancestors with Republic military service.
  • Restructured site for smaller pages and improved navigation.
  • Statistics: Of the 1035 rolls listed on these pages, 574 have been transcribed (57 at this site and the remainder published). The names from 370 of the rolls have been indexed here, about 19,600 names, including alternate spellings.

Release 5 Addition (June 2000)

  • FANNIN AND HIS MEN, Harbert Davenport's 1936 story of the Goliad Campaign of the Texas Revolution. Includes 651 biographical sketches of the men. On another web site (see Research Help page).

Release 5 (February 1999)

  • Addition of 13,000 names from 250 rolls and lists, bringing the total to 16,000 names in the Partial Name Index.
  • Material on the 1842 Mier Expedition: a list of men in the expedition and the story of their experiences in JOURNAL of the TEXIAN EXPEDITION AGAINST MIER, Gen. T.J. Green, 1845. On another web site (see Research Help page).

Release 4 (November 1997)

Release 3 (June 1997)

  • Preliminary description of MUSTER ROLLS #1 1850, recently rediscovered book of muster rolls in the Texas General Land Office. Preliminary list of names not in previously published rolls and lists.
  • Transcription of 21 muster rolls and lists from the personal papers of Texas Brigadier General Thomas Jefferson Green.

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