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Lamar's Efforts to Promote Trade

for the peace, tranquility, settlement, and development of the lower country.[30] 

Following a visit to the western frontier in the summer of 1839, John Browne, second lieutenant and assistant quartermaster in the regular army of Texas, reported that he found Victoria "filled with a set of men who have given themselves the title of a band of Brothers," and that he soon learned

. . . that what they said was law. They are in the cow stealing business and are scattered all over this frontier. They pretend to say that they only steal from the enemy but I am convinced, to the contrary that they steal from the Texians as well as Mexicans. I think it well to mention the names of some of the promonent persons engaged in order that the Government may be better acquainted with the character of some of its officers; Mr. [Samuel] Hughes[31]  the Customs House officer for Copono headed a party not long since and drove in four hundred head of cattle. A Mr. [John T.] Price formerly a Lieut in the Army also heads a party. Mr. [Cornelius] Van Ness[32]  says he thinks Judge [James C.] Allen[33]  at Carlos Rancho is silently connected with them. I have been told that they drove off from Carlos Rancho a caballarda belonging to Alderetta [José Miguel Aldrete] and [Juan N.] Seguin that the owners know well where their property is but dare not proceed to recover it; also that the cow stealers when on the New Aces [Nueces] the other day (some of them badly mounted) took from a party of Mexican traders all their property and killed eight of them.

While I was at Goliad one of the Gang asked me in a commanding way if I belonged to [Reuben] Ross's company [sent to maintain order on the

30. Letter to the Editor of the Telegraph, Nueces River, March 6, 1839, in Telegraph and Texas Register, April 10, 1839.

31. Samuel Hughes was nominated by Lamar on January 16, 1839, as collector of revenue for the Port of Aransas and was confirmed the following day by the Senate. E. W. Winkler (ed.), Secret Journals of the Senate: Republic of Texas, 1836-1845, pp. 127-128.

32. Cornelius Van Ness served as district attorney for the Fourth Judicial District, December 1837-1839. Ibid., 94-95; Hobart Huson, District Judges of Refugio County, p. 16.

33. James C. Allen was nominated by President Houston on December 9, 1837, for Chief Justice of Refugio County, and confirmed by the Senate on November 11. On March 30, 1840, he resigned, saying that he found it no longer in his power to discharge the duties required of him. As captain of the "Buckeye Rangers" from Cincinnati, Allen landed at Galveston in June 1836. Winkler (ed.), Secret Journals of the Senate, pp. 87-88; William C. Binkley (ed.), Official Correspondence of the Texan Revolution, 1835-1836, II, 831; James C. Allan [Allen] to Secretary of State, Refugio, March 30, 1840, in Domestic Correspondence (Texas), 1836-1846, ms.

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AFTER SAN JACINTO: The Texas-Mexican Frontier, 1836-1841
Joseph Milton Nance, 1963