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The Córdova-Flores Incident

The settlers at San Antonio were informed on September 2, 1839, that the government could not at present make any force stationary at that place, but that Major Reuben Ross, with his detachment of about seventy, "well mounted and well armed," had been ordered to include that section of the country in his circuit of ranging and to afford what protection he could to its inhabitants. "The President has also written individually," the San Antonians were informed, "to John H. Moore on the Colorado to raise two hundred men to range out your way."[90]

A road was opened between Gonzales and Austin in July 1839, but as late as August 1840, there was none between Gonzales and Bastrop. Captain J. Wiehl, in company with a surveyor named Lindsay, set out from Camp Bell near Austin on October 8, 1840, to lay off a road from Austin to the springs at the headwaters of the San Marcos, as it was planned to establish a regular military post at the latter point, approximately half-way between Austin and San Antonio.[91]  At first, the post on the San Marcos was garrisoned by Captain Wiehl's Company "H" of the First Regiment of Infantry commanded by Colonel William G. Cooke.[92]

90. Thomas G. Western to Samuel A. Maverick, City of Houston, Sept. 2, 1839, in Rena Maverick Green (ed.), Memoirs of Mary A. Maverick: arranged by Mary A. Maverick and her son George Madison Maverick, pp. 134-135.

91. Texas Sentinel (Austin), Oct. 10, 1840, quoted in Colorado Gazette and Advertiser, Oct. 24, 1840.

92. The Company left Fort Skerrett, Cherokee Nation, and halted at Fort Lacy, Nacogdoches County, on July 12, 1840. From there it marched on August 6, arriving at Austin on the 29th. On October 8 Captain Wiehl and his company marched from Camp Bell, near Austin, for the San Marcos springs, arriving there on October 18, 1840. This company had been enrolled in the late summer and fall of 1839 for a three year period. Muster Roll, Capt. J. Wiehl's Co. "H" of the 1st Regt. Infty., Commanded by Col. Wm. G. Cooke, June 30-Dec. 31, 1840 [dated:] San Marcos, Jan. 1, 1841, in Militia Rolls (Texas), ms.; [Ed: Published in Defenders of the Republic of Texas: Texas Army Muster Rolls, Receipt Rolls and Other Rolls, 1836-1841, Volume I, Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Laurel House Press, Austin, 1989, pp. 233-238.]

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AFTER SAN JACINTO: The Texas-Mexican Frontier, 1836-1841
Joseph Milton Nance, 1963