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Federalist Wars: Second Phase

G. A. Mull.[6]  M. T. Rodger offered to subscribe $5,000 to the cause, paying $500 on the spot.[7]

On September 23 Margain submitted a report of the situation at Matamoros and the strength of the Centralists. An agreement was presented and approved concerning the terms of service and pay of those Texans who might be willing to volunteer. In this agreement, signed by Anaya and Andrew Neill, it was stipulated that the Texan volunteer cavalrymen in the Federalist service were to be governed by the same laws as if they were serving under the government of Texas. All spoils of war that might be taken -- and spoils were to be taken only from the Centralist troops -- were to be appraised and distributed equally among the officers and soldiers of the forces occupied or employed in taking it, except the arms, munitions, and other items of military significance which would be retained for the use of the Federalist forces generally. The term of enlistment was left indefinite, but it was stated that the Texans could withdraw from the Federal service whenever a majority of them desired to do so. As for pay, both officers and soldiers were to receive the same rate of pay as if they had been in the Texas army. Their pay would commence from the day of their arrival in the Federalist camp near the Nueces or at any other point where Mexican Federalist troops might be stationed.[8]  Anaya appointed Andrew Neill a provisional colonel in the cavalry of the Texan Auxiliary,[9]  and authorized him to issue temporary commissions

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9. Despacho provisional de coronel de caballa de auxiliary de Texas á favor del Ciud. Andrew Neill, [signed by:] Juan Pablo de Anaya, General de Division de

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AFTER SAN JACINTO: The Texas-Mexican Frontier, 1836-1841
Joseph Milton Nance, 1963