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Republic of the Río Grande and Texas

holy cause."[126]  By the time Canales reached San Patricio, the army contained 520 recruits -- 300 Mexican rancheros, 80 Carrizo Indians from Mexico, a few runaway slaves from Texas, and 140 Anglo-Texans, The army lacked provisions, munitions, horses, and even adequate clothing. Once more Canales wrote President Lamar not to forget the Federalist cause, reminding him that now is the time for success to crown their combined efforts for the liberty of Texas and the Federalists.[127]  Carbajal, at Galveston, was instructed to inform Lamar verbally that Canales would be ready to begin his campaign by August 15. In the Federalist camp there were already one hundred kegs of powder, and Carbajal informed Lamar of his intention of taking one hundred more men, two hundred kegs of powder, and additional small arms to the Nueces before that date. He only needed, he said, some artillery with round shot. The Texan officer in charge of the artillery piece at Texana, he complained, refused to deliver it up. "We have shells 7½ inch and shott for that size Howitzer," he declared, "but no piece." In conclusion, Carbajal reported that General Anaya had written from Yucatán that he was coming with one thousand infantry, and he expressed Canales' desire that McLeod and Karnes would join him on the Nueces.[128]

About the 10th of July several companies of volunteers sailed from Galveston to Aransas to join the Federal forces on the Nueces. Later

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AFTER SAN JACINTO: The Texas-Mexican Frontier, 1836-1841
Joseph Milton Nance, 1963