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Federalist Wars: Final Phase

company, and a third company was made up of Americans from Austin. No list of these various volunteer units has been found, but apparently many of those who may have enrolled did not serve, or if they did, probably served under one of the other commands, possibly under Colonel Fisher. The three companies under Seguin, it was reported, comprised one hundred men.[33]

Meanwhile, for Texan frontier defense, the Border Guards and Pitkin Guards (named after John W. Pitkin of Houston, who organized them) were enrolled and stationed at San Antonio as a part of Karnes' unit being assembled at that point; but, according to Adjutant General Hugh McLeod, they "were worthless and complaining"[34]  and it became necessary for McLeod to discharge them. "They have done and would do nothing. . . . They are now out [of] service," McLeod wrote on August 21, "without a weapon of any sort for defence on their return" home. It is possible that some of Seguin's men were drawn from the discharged "Border" and "Pitkin" Guards.

At Tenoxtitlán, on the west bank of the Brazos twelve miles above the Béxar-Nacogdoches Road, Lieutenant Colonel William S. Fisher, who had served on the staff of the First Infantry under Colonel Edward Burleson since January 23, 1839, and commanded companies "A," "C," and "I," on the southwestern frontier, organized a command of two hundred men and joined with Canales' forces by August 19.[35]  Fisher's conduct seems to have brought about a general reorganization of the Texan frontier forces. Fisher was dropped (indicating that he did not resign) from the rolls of the army on August 18, 1840. At the same time Colonel Burleson resigned from the army and Colonel William G. Cooke was placed in command of the First Infantry, and George T. Howard was promoted to command a detachment of the First Infantry at San Antonio. W. D. Houghton, adjutant, was transferred to the command of "G" Company, Infantry, by promotion on August 18. P. S. Wyatt, who had been appointed Major of the Frontier Regiment on January 23, 1839, also resigned on August 18.[36]

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AFTER SAN JACINTO: The Texas-Mexican Frontier, 1836-1841
Joseph Milton Nance, 1963