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Federalist Wars: Final Phase

seems that we should never have been divided,"[187]  and, declared Arista a short time later, in a proclamation to the inhabitants of Tamaulipas, Coahuila, and Nuevo León, we can all now turn our attention towards the "barbarous Indians" and Texan usurpers. "Peace! Peace! eternal peace among Mexicans! war, war, eternal war against Texans and the barbarous Comanches!"[188]

Waiting until he was securely protected in Mier by the Centralist troops, Canales just before setting out for Arista's headquarters on the 10th penned a brief note to Colonel Jordan and enclosed a copy of the convention he had signed with Arista ending hostilities.

By it, our persons and property, and the debts contracted by the provisional government, and by me, as commander of the forces, are guaranteed [assumed]. I have nothing more to desire, and the war we have been waging is now completely terminated. Therefore, the auxiliary Texian troops will retire to their homes, within three days after the date of this. The creditors only will remain and receive their dues. Any disobedience of this will be considered an act of hostility, and will be immediately resented.[189]

Having abruptly dismissed his Texan allies, Canales headed for Cadereyta on the 10th to give Arista a "close embrace" and to receive a twenty-one cannon salute; and before the end of another year had been named councilman for Nuevo León.[190]  Together Arista and Canales proceeded to Monterey where a triumphal entry was made and the solemn Te Deum was entoned in the cathedral; and, in the presence of the august Dean, the two "comic chiefs" washed their hands and were blessed[191]  -- the one a traitor, who in the hour of defeat when his back was to the wall, was forgiven by the other, his opponent, who thought only of acquiring local influence for promoting his own revolution at some favorable time. "If the government does not seriously consider trusting the command of this frontier to another

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AFTER SAN JACINTO: The Texas-Mexican Frontier, 1836-1841
Joseph Milton Nance, 1963