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The Southwestern Frontier

Americans, including himself, and thirteen Mexicans under Captain Antonio Parez, who was chosen second in command.[20]  Parez was a daring Indian fighter and citizen of San Antonio, who had not yet learned how to write his own name.

On the way toward Laredo, where it was presumed the bandits would be falling back to, Hays' Company stopped at Antonio Navarro's ranch for one day to bury two Mexicans killed by the Comanches a day or two before. Although Hays had taken every precaution to conceal his intended movements, his plans had become known to Francisco Flores at San Antonio, whose loyalty to Texas was doubtful. After Hays' party left San Antonio, Flores sent an express under two men to his son, Eduardo Flores, at Laredo, informing him of Hays' intentions. On the third day out from Navarro's ranch, the express carriers passed Hays' encampment post-haste in the night carrying the news to Laredo that the Texans were coming. As a result, García, who had only reached Laredo the day before Hays' appearance in the vicinity, now led out his party of twenty-five men supported by fifteen regular cavalry to capture or drive off the "gringos."[21]  In the meantime, since the enemy would now undoubtedly have advance information of the Texans' approach, Hays pushed forward more rapidly, disregarding all attempts at secrecy but exercising greater precaution against surprise.

About ten miles from Laredo the Texans were intercepted by the Mexicans on April 7. The Texan spies, P. L. Burger, and Matias Díaz, who were riding in advance, were the first to observe the approach

Jan. 10-May 10, 1841, lists the names as follows: John C. Hays, Captain; Privates: P. S. Buquier, M. Chevalier [Chevallie], E. H. Davis, William Escew, A[rchibald] Fitzgerald, Peter Fahr, N[athaniel] Harbert, Thomas Hancock, Stephen Jett, James M. Jett, W. B. Small, W. H. Attwell, and James Trueheart. Muster Rolls, 1830-1860 (Rangers), ms.

20. Ford lists the Parez party as being composed of Francisco Longavilla, Damacio Galban, Manuel Montalvo, Matias Curbier, Euzevio [Ensano] Farías, Matias Díaz, Antonio García, Antonio Sánchez, Margil Salinas, Francisco Granado, Antonio Coy, [Crisanto] Casanavo, and Antonio Parez.

A Receipt Roll for Captain Antonio Parez's Spy Company, Jan. 20-May 20, 1841, Militia Rolls (Republic), ms., shows the following names: Antonio Parez, Captain; Privates: C[risanto] Casanavo, Louis [Luis] Castano, Antonio Coy, Ensano Farías, Leandro Garza, Matias García, Raphael García, Francisco Granado, Francisco García, Canato Parez, Pablo Parez, Margil Salinas, Antonio Sánchez, M[elchor] Travena [Travias?], and J. O. Truehart [Trueheart].

21. J. D. Affleck, "History of John C. Hays," pt. I, p. 148.

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AFTER SAN JACINTO: The Texas-Mexican Frontier, 1836-1841
Joseph Milton Nance, 1963