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Capture and Death of Dimitt

justices, cancelling the Secretary of War's order in respect to the seizure of peaceful traders and their property.[66]

While Kinney was in Austin, Lamar suggested that upon his return to the frontier he visit Matamoros to intercede for the release of Dimitt and other Texan prisoners. A few weeks later, Kinney, still at his ranch, was informed by Colonel Peter H. Bell, then on an inspection tour of the frontier, that Lamar hoped he would proceed to Mexico. By September 18 Kinney was planning to leave immediately. However, a few weeks later he reported that he could not find out anything definite concerning Dimitt.[67]

In the meantime, Dimitt and his companions were taken to Matamoros, where they were joined by another party of Texans captured by Villareal in the neighborhood of the Nueces in December 1840. From Matamoros the Texan prisoners, numbering twenty-two according to the U. S. consul,[68]  were ordered sent to Arista's headquarters at

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67. William P. Aubrey and H. L. Kinney to M. B. Lamar, Sept. 18, 1841; Same to Same, Oct. 6, 1841, in ibid., III, 568-569, 589.

68. Those captured by Villareal included: James Ownsby (escaped), Barsilla Cottle, Thomas Gage, Thomas Pratt, David B. Fowler, Daniel Davis (died), James G. Fowler, George L. Frastrez [Fraster], E. McDowell, Stephen Duncastle, John Jameson, William Roysores, and two others. "Summary investigation held concerning the apprehension of fourteen foreigners, Texians, who were in the neighborhood of the Nueces River, Plaza de Matamoros, 1841." Archivo General, Secretaría de Guerra y de Marina, 1841-1842, Legájo, núm. 1.

According to the American consul's report from Matamoros at the end of September 1841, the following Americans (Texans) had been taken by the Mexican authorities on the frontier of Texas in recent months:

Captured by Prefecto Jorge S. de Lara on the Sauceda on the frontier of Texas with arms in hand (Jan. 6, 1841):

James P. Ormsby [Ownsby]
David B. Foulet [Fowler]
Daniel Davis
William Smith
Berryman O. Stout
R. W. Basil
James G. Fowler
James Gaites
Captured by Captain [Enrique] Villareal on the Range del Este:
George L. Fraster
Thomas Pratt
E. M. McGowen
Stephen Duncastle
John Jameson
William M. Romper

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AFTER SAN JACINTO: The Texas-Mexican Frontier, 1836-1841
Joseph Milton Nance, 1963