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Growth of War Spirit in the West

by the Executive with the state of Yucatán.[10]  The report was read the first time and, not being what the opponents of Lamar had in mind, was ordered laid on the table for further consideration.

Immediately following this action, Nicholas H. Darnell of San Augustine County introduced a joint resolution calling for the appointment of a Select Naval Committee to inquire into "the expediency of recalling the Navy from the service in which they are at present engaged under contract or agreement made by the Executive of this country with the State of Yucatán." This proposal passed its first reading on November 13, its second on November 15, and at that time was referred with the report of the Naval Affairs Committee to a Select Committee composed of Darnell (chairman), Cooke (Travis County), Tod Robinson (Brazoria County), Van Zandt (Harrison and Panola counties), Wynns (Harris County), Mayfield (Nacogdoches County), John B. Jones (Galveston County), Hewett[11]  (Shelby County), and Williamson[12]  (Washington County). The majority of the Select Naval Committee made its report on November 19, recommending that Congress require the President to recall the navy, and the minority presented its report three days later.

In the meantime, the Lamar administration was attacked along another line. On November 23, the day following the presentation of the report of the minority of the Select Committee on the Recall of the Navy, Archibald Wynns of Harris County, one of the signers of the majority report of said committee, introduced a resolution in the House censuring the President for fitting out the Santa Fé Expedition, and on the 26th upon motion of William N. Porter from the newly created county of Bowie the resolution was referred to a Select Committee, consisting of Van Zandt (chairman), Porter, Brown, George T. Wood[13]  of Liberty County, and William E. Jones of Gonzales County. On Monday, December 6, the committee presented a lengthy report[14]  recommending rejection of the resolution of censure because (1) it

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AFTER SAN JACINTO: The Texas-Mexican Frontier, 1836-1841
Joseph Milton Nance, 1963