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Apr 1836   Battle of San Jacinto
Oct 1836   Sam Houston becomes President, Republic of Texas
Dec 1836   Texas Congress sets Rió Grande as southwestern boundary

 mid 1837   Texan army furloughed; militia strengthened
 Dec 1837   Federalists revolt in northern Mexico

 Apr 1838   French blockade coast of Mexico; Mexico declares war on France (the "Pastry War")
 Jun 1838   Houston authorizes limited trade from Northern Mexico
 Nov 1838   Fortress San Juan de Úlloa falls to French
 Dec 1838   Mirabeau B. Lamar becomes President, Republic of Texas

 Mar 1839   French end their war with Mexico
Mar-May   The Córdova-Flores Incident
Jul 1839   Defeated Federalist army retreats to Texas; Cherokees expelled from east Texas
 Sep 1839   Federalist army with Texan volunteers enters Mexico, is repulsed by Gen. Arista at Monterey
Oct 1839   Texas capital moved to Austin

 Jan 1840   Federalist army retreats across Rió Grande, forms the Republic of the Río Grande, capital Laredo
 Feb 1840   Free Negroes to leave within 2 years
 Mar 1840   Council House Fight, 35 Comanches, 7 Texans killed
 Mar 1840   Federalist army defeated at Santa Rita de Morelos
 Jun 1840   Yucatán rebels against Centralists
 Jun 1840   Lamar calls for volunteer frontier regiment
 Aug 1840   Comanches raid Victoria, Linnville, coast
 Sep 1840   Re-equipped Federalist army with Texan volunteers again enters Mexico, capitulates at Saltillo, Texans betrayed
 Sep 1840   Texan peace offers to Mexico end
 Nov 1840   Federalists capitulate, Mexican civil war ends in the north

Jan 1841   Expanded militia and Minute Men replace Texan army
 Jun 1841   Santa Fé Expedition leaves Austin for New Mexico
 Sep 1841   Santa Fé Expedition in bondage in New Mexico
 Oct 1841   Santa Anna provisional president of Mexico
 Dec 1841   Sam Houston becomes President for 2nd term

 Jan 1842   News of ships being built for Mexican navy
 Mar 1842   Mexican General Vasquez raids Goliad, Refugio and San Antonio, withdraws; Texas mobilizes

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AFTER SAN JACINTO: The Texas-Mexican Frontier, 1836-1841
Joseph Milton Nance, 1963