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Daingerfield, William Henry:  as congressman, 394;  mention of, 538
Daley, Edward552
Dancer, John549
Dancy, John W.:  speech of, 515;  mention of, 542
Daniels, John552
Darnell, Nicholas H.:  mention of, 507, 510, 512;  speech of, 514
Davila, Antonio Gonzáles:  in battle of Santa Rita de Morelos, 264
Davis, _____:  goes to the Río Grande, 434
Davis, _____:  escape of, from Matamoros, 149
Davis Rancho, Clay335
Davis, A. J.551
Davis, Daniel:  capture of, 466-467
Davis, E. H.411
Davis, George W.:  discovers Córdova's (V.) trail, 123
Davis, Joshua H.:  on conditions in army, 33
Dawson, Nicholas:  in attack on Laredo, 35
Day, James M.:  in frontier companies, 128, 550;  wounding of, 129
Deadman's TownSEE Jaumave
Deatrioe, J. C.:  and Federalists, 202
debt, Texas:  problem of, 378, 506;  and immigration, 495-496
Declaration of Independence, Texas279
Defensores de la Frontera:  organization of, 371, 379
De Grande, Mexico:  Federalists find horses at, 336
Delgado, CesarioSEE Guajardo, Cesario
Delaware Indians:  mention of, 115, 240;  at Matamoros, 140
DeMorse, Charles:  as adjutant general of the army, 18;  on Huston's (F.) volunteers, 18
Dennis, Thomas M.:  on Naval Affairs Committee, 506
depopulation of frontier:  along the Colorado River, 24. SEE ALSO Goliad County, Texas;  Refugio County, Texas;  San Patricio County, Texas;  Victoria County, Texas
deserters, Texan:  in Federalist army, 307. SEE ALSO army, Texan
deserters, United States17
Desierto Muerto, El3
Diamond Hill:  at Victoria, 294
Díaz, Matias411
Dibble, Henry552
Dikeman, W. P.552
Dikes, Miles G.550

Dimitt, Philip:  mention of, 188, 422, 461-462, 465;  trading post of, 207, 445;  as son-in-law of Lazo (C.), 268;  and Molano (J. N.), 280, 294;  reports on Mexican activities, 395, 408;  in La Villa de los Jacales, 406;  on Kinney (H. L.), 406;  capture and imprisonment of, 442-443, 447, 449, 466-469;  and Arista (M.), 442, 463;  biographical sketch of, 450-451;  sentenced for violating Texas postal laws, 451;  reactions to capture of, 451-453, 456, 457-459, 460-463;  death of, 469;  effort to effect exchange for, 470-471

Dimitt's Island446
Dimitt's Landing450
Dimmit, Philip:  See Dimitt, Philip
Dimmit County, Texas269
Disciples of Christ146
dishes:  trade in, 450
District Court, Béxar County:  trial of Mexican prisoners in, 130
District Court, Refugio County:  mention of, 450;  effort to destroy records of, 482;  effort to suspend term of, 482
District Court, Victoria County57
Dolan, Joseph:  as cowboy, 64;  in Federalist army, 215;  receives Mexican flag of surrender, 229;  as member of San Patricio, Minute Men, 554-556
Dolores, Texas:  depopulation of, 4;  mention of, 8, 501
Dolson, George M.:  in attack on Laredo, 35;  organizes company of Minute Men, 402
Donaldson, W.:  on Texas policy toward Federalists, 177-178
Don Juan (trader)448
Donnelly, Captain:  death of, 357
d'Orvanne, Alexander Bourgeois:  colonization contracts with, 502
Douglass, Kelsey H.:  as brigadier general, 40
Dresel, Gustav:  nationality of, 81;  in trade in Texas, 81;  on conditions at Houston, 212;  mention of, 214
Ducos, Armand:  colonization contracts with, 502
Duggan, Michael555-556
Dunavan, William:  to Houston (S.), 120
Dunbar, William211
Duncan, Francis551
Duncastle, Stephen:  capture of, 466-467

Dunlap, Richard G.:  brings troops for Texas, 14-15, 16;  as secretary of treasury, 159;  on Federalists, 159;  as minister to United States, 159, 180, 184;  and mediation, 180;  mention of, 181;  on threatened Mexican invasion, 273

Dunn, James410
Durango, Mexico:  mention of, 142, 174-175, 186, 254, 257, 542;  revolt in, 144;  Urrea (J.) flees through, 161;  relations of, with Texas, 216;  commandant general of, 439
Durst, John G.:  and Córdova-Flores incident, 120;  as member of Burleson's (E.) command, 549
Dutch:  plans for settlement of, 502
Dyer, John H.:  as brigadier general, 40
dye-woods, Mexican:  export of, 149

Eaken, John J.:  in frontier companies, 549, 551
Eastland, William H.42
East Texas131, 132, 139
Eberly, Jacob:  in Federalist army, 215;  and Canales (A.), 304
ebony, Mexican:  export of, 149
Edgy, James552
Edict of Nantes138
Edmondson, P. H. ("Bud"):  mention of, 216;  capture of, 261;  as son-in-law of Zapata (A.), 262
Edmunds, P.:  on purchase of Natchez by Mexico, 530-531
Edmunson, _____65
Egery, C. W.:  in attack on Laredo, 35
Elguézabal, Captain:  at Peyotes, 251
Elliott, Jacob554
El Paso, Texas4
Emery, William H.SEE Emory, William H.
Emett, Doctor:  death of, 261
emigrants:  character of, 496
Emmitt, A. S.550
Emory, William H.:  on trans-Nueces country, 8;  on frontier marauders, 60;  as Galveston mounted volunteer, 211
Empress:  at Aransas, 50
Englehart, Lewis549
England:  and Texas independence, 200, 421;  treaties with, 200;  loan from, to Mexico, 387;  mention of, 391, 510, 523;  as mediator, 428;  ships acquired from, for Mexico, 526, 530
English, Bailey:  on Red River, 97
English colony:  proposal for, 500, 502
Ensena, La:  on Texas independence, 197
Erath, George B.402
ErediaSEE Ampudia, Pedro de
Escew, William411
Espada, Mission:  Texan troops near, 190-191, 281
Estanzuela, Mexico:  agreement at, 473
Estrevon, N.554
Europe:  Hamilton (J.) seeks treaties in, 282;  mention of, 439
Everett, Joseph M.552
Everrette, G.:  at public meeting in Victoria, 485
exports, Mexican82, 149

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AFTER SAN JACINTO: The Texas-Mexican Frontier, 1836-1841
Joseph Milton Nance, 1963