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Lest we forget, let us go back and take up the story of the faithful old Indian, Cuthand. In the 1830's old Cuthand, together with Thomas J. Rusk, joined by James Clark, Henry Stout and Old Man John Stiles, went with a party of the United States representatives up Red River for the purpose of entering into treaties with the chiefs of the wild Indian tribes. The United States delegates could hardly reach an agreement of any kind with these Indian chiefs. Judge John T. Mills said that had it not been for Old Cuthand and Thomas J. Rusk there would have been no treaty signed. Old Cuthand interpreted for Thomas J. Rusk, who was always referred to as a friend of the Indians. General Rusk asked permission of the United States delegates to speak. Old Cuthand arose and addressed the Indians, advocating the adoption of the proposals of Rusk. Soon thereafter a recess was taken and during this recess Cuthand introduced quite a number of the chiefs of these wild tribes to General Rusk.

They then came forward and shook hands with Rusk. At this time a message came from the

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937