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that party ties, wealth, or poverty, could never affect or dissever.


Formerly I spoke of that great old character, Henry Stout [photo]. Here I desire to relate an incident in his life's career that proved his ability as a scout or guide. John B. Denton, for whom the beautiful City of Denton and Denton County, Texas, were named, at the time of this happening, lived in the City of Clarksville. Mr. Denton was out on the western frontier, together with Henry Stout and others from this section of the state, on a scouting expedition, and they were ambushed by the Comanche Indians and Mr. Denton was killed. The same volley that killed Mr. Denton also shot the flint lock off of Henry Stout's rifle. This was in 1841. [See Capt. Wm. B. Stout's Report]

Some thirty years later, to prove the knowledge Henry Stout had of this part of Texas, he boarded the train at Clarksville, went out to Denton County, and was finally able to locate the grave of Mr. Denton which was positively identified by some things they had purposely buried with the body. Old Uncle Henry Stout, as he was affectionately called, told me himself of this happening, and stated that his greatest trouble in locating the grave of Mr. Denton was the fact that the railroad was there, which to him marred the whole beauty of the country.

Another time while on a scouting expedition this faithful old guide, Henry Stout, came near

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937