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The first school worthy of mention, perhaps, would be one conducted and taught by Mrs. George Todd, beginning in the late 1830's and continued on to about 1848. This was not only a literary school but it taught the arts, sculpturing, and other branches. Mrs. Todd's school was a boarding school for girls chiefly and was on the hill just west of the present site of the Presbyterian Church of Clarksville. A place known for years as the Dr. Lane home was the site of this school.

Another great school and college was McKenzie College, originated and conducted by the Rev. John Witherspoon McKenzie. This school was started in 1841 and many worthy representatives of Texas received their education at the McKenzie school which was located about three and one-half miles from Clarksville. The old home building of Rev. J. W. McKenzie is yet standing and one of the old dormitories yet remains. People all over Texas of today know from their ancestry of the McKenzie College.

The next school of consideration was that

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937