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out in his back lot and kill one or more any time he wanted to. In those days deer were killed only once and it was not necessary for a hunter to rekill his deer time after time for the benefit of admiring friends.

Quails were so plentiful that they were trapped instead of shot. Most of the cooking was done with bear grease. The streams were full of fish.

There was a mighty hunter by the name of Fishback who lived in Sulphur Bottom. He was the greatest hunter in that section and some people said he was the biggest liar.

One of his tales was that one time he had only a single bullet left and he was out of meat. He went to the woods and met and killed a deer. He discovered that the bullet that killed the deer, also had gone into a bee tree and that the honey was running out of the tree and, reaching down to pick up some leaves to stop it, he picked up a rabbit. He threw the rabbit away and it struck in a bunch of quail and killed a dozen. He went to his house after his sled to get his deer and honey and walked through a shallow lake and when he got home he found several fish in his boots. So from one bullet he got a deer, all the honey he needed, a dozen quails and a mess of fish. Game was plentiful in those days.

This was a fine unspoiled country and while there were a few hardships, most of the worries of modern life were absent and life was leisurely and pleasant.

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937