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One of the high points of this decade was the improvement in cotton ginning machinery and the county was now rapidly getting to be a one-crop county.

Credit merchandising began on a large scale.

It was still considered manly to wear a fierce beard and handlebar mustaches. In those days a full-grown man without a full beard felt like he was half naked.

It was good manners to pour your coffee out in your saucer to cool it. A good part of the average mealtime was taken up getting your coffee "saucered and blowed".

Amusements were simple and inexpensive in these days. Fish fries, camp meetings and politics were the principal amusements.

Arguments and street fights were of frequent occurrence. Such fights were referred to as "wool pullings", showing that Marquis of Queensberry rules did not prevail.

Bootjacks were an important article of furniture and so were mustache cups.

Average price of cotton this decade was 10 1/2c.


During this period cotton seed was found to have value and the first oil mills were built.

A cotton compress was built at Clarksville.

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937