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Gilbert Regan, the walls of this building were put together with nails brought by wagon from Little Rock, Arkansas. The roof was made of shingles fastened on by means of wooden pegs. This structure was used for public business until 1850, when it was replaced by a modest brick structure. The contract for erection of this brick courthouse in 1850 may be found on record. This courthouse was first enclosed with a brick fence. In 1852 there was erected an old brick jail, in later years known as the Farmers Hotel. The old building for years known as the Temple of Justice was razed and succeeded by the present courthouse.

Prior to these Temples of Justice all the sessions of court were held in various law offices of the early lawyers of Clarksville. Some of these were Hon. Albert H. Latimer, Gen. Thomas J. Rusk, Brad Fauta, John B. Denton, and Amos Morrow. At a later period the Northern Standard Clarksville Bar was composed of William Scurry, B. H. Martin, John B. Craig, Charles DeMorse, William C. Young and H. R. Latimer. The statement was also made that the first Red River County court was presided over by Judge John M. Hansford. (This was taken from the Clarksville Times of May 14, 1909).


The northern boundary line of Red River County was very uncertain from 1838 to 1841 and the people who lived here did not know whether they were subject to laws of the

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937