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which he was looking. He then returned to Tennessee and gave a description of the beautiful country and fertile lands that he had found. The result was that the next year the entire Latimer family moved to Texas and Col. Bob Hamilton, the brother-in-law of James Latimer, came with the family.

Besides James Latimer and wife, this family included the following sons and daughters: Abigail and her husband, J. W. Dickson, who were the grandparents of Jim Dickson of Cherry; George Grant, of Rugby; Sally [Latimer Dickson] and Finley Moore, the parents of Russ [Russell] Moore, who died at Bagwell several years ago; Sam [Samuel James] Moore, who died near Boxelder some years ago; the daughter-in-law of Cynthia Chisolm, formerly the wife of the son of D. F. Latimer; the mother of Alex H. Latimer. This family settled in the country where Paris now stands.

Albert H. Latimer married three times and his children were: D. F. Latimer, of Madras; Jim Latimer, of Sherman; Mrs. J. A. Bagby, Mrs. W. M. Parks, Mrs. Elizabeth Merrill, Albert Henry and Frank (deceased), of Oklahoma and Morgan Latimer of Clarksville.

Margaret [Latimer] and her husband, George Bagby, were the parents of Daniel J., William Ballard, C. T. M. Bagby and H. R. Bagby, Mrs. Margaret Watson, Mrs. Uphia Ritchey, who was wife of William Ritchey and they were the parents of John R. Ritchey of Whitesboro.

H. Russell Lawson's [Henry Russell Latimer's] first wife was Miss Lou Shelton and children by the first

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937