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of Dan McCain. All of them now live in Bogata [called "Bogota" by the citizens].

The Sorrels have one child, Amanda, wife of Gordon Allen. The Hudsons have had seven children. Lennox married Mary Ann Underwood, and is cashier of a bank here. Howard married Isla Moyer, Talco, Texas. He is dead and his wife and son, Wiley Joe, live in Dallas. Sidney is a meat cutter at Bogata, and married Nina Ward Chesshir, and they have a son, David Lee. Mary died single in 1929, Henry is single and is a farmer at Bogata, and two died in infancy. The McCains have no children living.

John [A.] Humphreys died July 2, 1878, and his widow later became the wife of Jno. W. Barnett. She died about 1930.

[The Clatterbuck Family]

Elizabeth Humphreys married William Payne Clatterbuck, on Jan. 29, 1856. They had two daughters, Martha, who died at the age of five and Mary Frances, born January 28, 1859. Will Payne Clatterbuck was born in Callaway County, Missouri, on Feb. 22, 1831, the son of John and Martha Reynolds Clatterbuck. His grandfather, Reuben C., was born in Kentucky of Virginia parentage. The maiden name of his wife was Holt. Reuben Clatterbuck has many descendants in Caloway [sic] County today.

Will Payne and a neighbor in Calloway, George William Howison, came to Texas in 1854, with a bunch of horses to sell to the settlers. They spent their first night in Texas at the home of Mr. Stiles and were told there that they would find at William Humphreys

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937