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After the organization of Red River County in 1835 and the succeeding decade of development, we reach another war, the war between the United States and Mexico. Red River County, true to itself and its country, again offered volunteers in defense of the State and Nation. Though scant of population, Red River County furnished quite a number of men who volunteered to again enter the fight against Santa Anna. The letter reproduced in this volume* by General Ben McCulloch will show something of the part taken by Red River citizens. Numbers of Red River County soldiers had joined Gen. McCulloch, Col. Wood and Gen. Taylor.

'Tis marvelous to contemplate the burning patriotism displayed by the early settlers of Red River County in the war between the North and South. Though Red River County's population was then comparatively small, she furnished ten companies of volunteers consisting of one hundred each, totaling one thousand, there being left at home only very old men, women and children.

An incident is related by
*See Appendix, P. 245.

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937