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Their children were: James, Alice, Evaline, Irene, who never married, Robert E. Lee, and Samuel Bedford. "Jimmie" Stanley married a Miss Sanderson. Alice Stanley married a Cantley in Clarksville. She died at Prescott, Arkansas. Evaline Stanley married Edward Hudgins and lived at Clarksville. Robert E. Lee Stanley married Fannie Aubrey at Clarksville.

Samuel Bedford Stanley first married Sarah William Stanley at Clarksville. His second wife was Alice Aubrey.

Carolyn Stanley married Benjamin Brewster at Clarksville. She was buried at Doak Cemetery. They had no children.

James K. Polk Stanley served in the Civil War, had the measles and from the effects lost an eye. His brother, Sam, brought him home. He married Gertrude Banks, the widow of Lou Banks, a half brother of Tom Banks. He lived in Clarksville. They had no children.

Samuel Stanley was educated at the McKenzie College and was captain of the same company of which John C. Burks was colonel, the 11th Texas Cavalry. He was killed at the Battle of Murfreesboro. Mr. Coach Sutton's vote untied the vote in favor of Sam Stanley.

Angeline Stanley married a Mr. Duff and lived at Clarksville. Their children were: Laura Duff, who married Dr. Spencer Hill at Clarksville. They later moved to Greenville.

[Of Fernifore Stanley's siblings in Tennessee,] John Stanley married and came to Texas, and settled in Titus County. Isaac Stanley stayed in Tennessee. Polly Stanley married Frank Simms

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937