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Texas. She married Samuel B.[Beauregard] Stanley, October 22, 1884, at Kiomitia.

Jerushia Geer was born in Alabama and came to Texas in April, 1836. She attended Mrs. Todd's School in Clarksville, and married Joseph Alsobrook at Kiomitia. They lived at Manchester and their children were: William Alsobrook, who died in infancy, and his twin, James G., Jessie who never married, Benjamin, and Charlie Hudson, who died in childhood. James G. Alsobrook married Frances Fern White at Manchester. They lived there and at Clarksville. Benjamin Alsobrook married Cora Covington at Manchester. They lived at Manchester.

Anthony Wellington Geer served in the Civil War, in company with Mr. John L. Jamison and Isaac Reed. He had measles just before the war closed and, coming home swam a river, and had a relapse. Mr. Jamison stayed with him until he died and buried him. The others came on home.

Missillany Geer was educated in Paris. She married William Marchbanks from Missouri at Kiomitia, in the 1860's. They afterwards moved to Paris. Their children were: Lillian, who died at the age of 18 years, Theodore, and the twins, Roy and Janie, who died in infancy. Theodore Marchbanks attended school in Bowling Green, Kentucky. His first wife was Pearly Graham Sivley; his second was Katherine Patrick; his third was Ethel Miller. They lived in Paris.

[2] William Geer [brother of Garland, Sr.] was born in Alabama and married

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937