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to Greenville, Texas. W. E. Hardman was born in 1860 and Ella was born in 1863. Ella married H. L. Hare. She died in 1934 at Dallas, Texas.

Dr. W. E. Hardman now lives at Annona and is 76 years of age. He has been identified with all civic improvements of his county, standing up for the betterment of mankind and is one of Red River County's most worthy citizens. He has been practicing medicine since 1889. Dr. Hardman has seen the economic rise and fall of the industries of Red River County and came in personal contact with the good and bad along the pathway of the early settlers of this county. Being a man of more than average training and intelligence he can look back now in almost amazement at the progress made by the citizens of this county. He has seen the country change from a wild and reckless frontier into a country of paved roads and magnificent schools and churches, and he has personally witnessed the conflict between the wild and reckless citizens and the calm and better citizens along through life. He has seen the country when wild game was to be found by the thousands, the most of that all having disappeared, man's supply of meat now coming from domesticated sources. In Dr. Hardman's boyhood days he heard the early settlers tell of how they stored their meats and fats during the fall and winter to supply the family for the coming year.

[The Cooper Family]

John Cooper and Miss Margaret Youngblood

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937