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April 26, 1832, in Cape (Girardeau) County, Missouri."


William English lived and died in Virginia. After his death his widow married (name not known for certain -- probably Williams)[.] Thomas English, about 1769, at the age of 15 left Virginia and went to live with a sister somewhere near Macon, Georgia.

The family record is that Thomas English was in the Revolutionary War. His son, Thomas, was born in some fort to which the women were taken for protection when the British invaded the South.


Thomas English was wounded in the Revolution. Said to have been in the battle of Eutaw Springs.


The record has been handed down in the English family that during the War of the Revolution a band of Tories wearing masks came to the home of Thomas English, Jr., in Georgia, and destroyed the feather beds by ripping them open. Thomas English, Jr., was away from home at the time. His wife, Jane Wicker English, snatched the mask from the face of one and found him to be a near neighbor.

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937