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ago, and may be yet, was set out from this pasture of Pa's.

Names of Children

The children of Simeon and Evina McFerron English were:

1.  Thomas, who died when a baby.

2.  Effie Jane, the first wife of Dick Kennedy, who left no children. She died at Fort Worth in 1859 and her grave is there in Pioneer's Rest Cemetery by the side of her brother, Joe English, who was the first person buried in Fort Worth.

3.  Joseph McFerron, who was clerking for Dick Kennedy and Capt. Fields, who had what I have been told was the first store in Ft. Worth, in the spring of 1859. He had gone to Houston with several wagon loads of cotton sent by Kennedy and Fields. A few miles south of Ft. Worth he ate dinner with a man who also had his horse fed. While there, he loaned the man's little boy his knife and in answer to his question, told the boy he lived in Ft. Worth with his sister, Mrs. Kennedy, whose horse he was riding.

A Negro in that community saw Bud Joe going toward Houston with the wagons loaded with cotton. Several days later the Negro saw him returning from Houston, looking very tired, not noticing anything closely. Supposing that Bud Joe had in his pockets the money the cotton brought, the Negro who had a heavy stick, struck

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937