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possessed two slaves of the same name; for example, we had two women named Mary, the one acquired later we called Mary Dump to distinguish her from the first owned, who was merely called Mary. The second name, "Dump", was suggested by the fact that she was low and heavy set. She was a woman of unusual intelligence and often employed by different members of the family for many years after her emancipation.

At the close of the Civil War the Negroes who belonged to Pa were called up and told that they were free, and Pa then gave them surnames, usually the names of the men from whom he had purchased them. The adult Negroes at the close of the war were as follows:

Men: Allen, who went back to Missouri; Frank, who went back to Missouri; Halsell, Pete, Edmund, Josh, Pompey, Horace, Sam, Abe, Si, Dave.

Women: Mariah, Patty, Mary, Mary Dump, Annie, Hettie, Julianne, Abbie, Hannah, Louise, Nance, Josephine, Anice, Julia, Harriet, Emily, Polly, Columbia.


Pa's brother, John English, moved -- either in 1819 or earlier to what is now Hempstead County, Arkansas, which was then a part of the territory of Missouri.

The records in old Washington, Arkansas,

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937