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these, Dr. Pat Benjamin Clark, became my husband, October 3, 1867.


I had never heard of a free school before the war. Before we left Missouri I attended school in a log cabin two miles distant. The teacher, a man, boarded at our house and went with us to and from school. I remember going to two different teachers in Missouri. Our parents paid our tuition.

After coming to Texas we children that were large enough went to school to Miss Mary Duke, who later became Mrs. Greenhill. She taught in one room of her father's house, which was just across the branch from our house.

Next year I went to school to Mr. Milton Swan, who taught in the Swan or Sivley Grove.

The following year, I attended the academy in Clarksville, taught by Rev. John Anderson, assisted by his daughter, Margaret, better known as Babie, who later married Capt. Jim Clark. In connection with this school, Mr. Anderson's wife, who was a noted musician, taught music. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson had both been highly educated in Ireland, and when they moved to Clarksville, the leading citizens there were anxious to keep them there to teach their children. The couple lived and taught there many years.

Sis Bit and I boarded with the Andersons, as

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937