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Oak Grove was there a saloon in the town.

Bill and George A., sons of Aaron Brooks, live now in Paris, Lamar County. Aaron Brooks came from Tennessee, the two older sons coming with him while boys. Another son, Wesley Brooks, now lives in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

[Relationship among the following Brooks is not stated.]

The Brooks family from the time of its settlement in Red River County has been identified with each and every civic improvement of the town, village, and county in which they may then have resided. Miss Harriet Brooks married Will Thomas, now widowed and living near Minter in Lamar County. Another girl, Scenie, married E. M. Turner. Mr. Turner is now deceased, his widow living near Amarillo in the Panhandle of Texas.

James F. Brooks married Miss Lula Stevens in Tennessee. To this union were born five boys. Mr. Brooks, after living in Tennessee, returned to Texas and is now residing in Bagwell, Red River County. He is now 72 years of age.

Walter H. Brooks died in Bagwell in 1934. Ben F. Brooks, as heretofore said, a representative in the Legislature of Texas, now lives at Bagwell. Chas. T. Brooks is now a merchant at Bagwell. Ben and Charlie T. Brooks are both married. The Brooks mercantile business at Bagwell is a continuation of the mercantile business started in Bennett, now Detroit, in 1878.

[The Sharp Family]

Mrs. Addie Sharp, formerly Miss Arnett of Tennessee, was married to J. R. (Dick) Sharp in 1880 at Fayetteville, Arkansas. Mrs. Sharp is

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937