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a native of Texas, living in Red River County.

There were born to this family nine children, six now living: James S. Sharp now living in Paris, Addie Sharp Walker now living at Detroit at the old home, Emma Sharp Anderson now living at Deport, Ella Sharp Towne now living in Los Angeles, California, Henry Sharp now living at Detroit, Mary Sharp Lane now living at Hugo, Oklahoma,[*]

James Stephen Sharp, the father of J. R. Sharp, settled in Red River County in about the year 1846. They were of English descent, the father of Dick Sharp having landed at New Orleans, La. Dick and Willie Sharp were brothers, the only two children of the first marriage of their father. The widow of James S. Sharp afterwards married Mr. David Lennox, who was the father of H. H., C. D., A. B., Susan and Nannie. Nannie became the wife of Clay Bailey. All of these were very prominent families and material builders of Red River County.

Mr. J. R. Sharp or Dick, as he was affectionately called, was one of the very best farmers of this state and county. He was always active for the betterment of the politics of our state and worked hand in hand with those who favored all civic improvements. Mr. Sharp was a man of sterling worth and unimpeachable integrity and it was a great loss to the county when he died at Detroit, Red River County, September 3, 1935.

[The Smith Family]

Dr. J. R. Smith was a native of England. He was born in London, England, in 1854, the son

[* It appears this comma should have been a period to end the sentence.]

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937