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County about 1865, settling first near Clarksville and remaining there several years. He then bought some land and moved to Blossom Prairie, which was afterwards the village of Fulbright. This family has been known prominently in Red River County, identifying themselves with all those who favored the uplift of morality and favoring all civic improvements both in the town and county in which they lived. It has been the pleasure of the writer to have known quite well almost each and every member of this family. Mr. J. S. Kerbow is at present in business at Detroit, which was in the early days called Bennett. Mr. Kerbow's business dates back about 35 years.

[The Josie Family]

T. J. Josie is the son of Thomas H. Josie, of Scottish descent. Mr. Josie's parents moved from the Indian Territory and settled at Pine Bluff, the south side of Red River about 1851. The first mercantile business at Woodland was started by J. W. Houston about 1847. Whitfield Moore named the town of Woodland at about the time the first store building was put up. The subject of this sketch has been in the mercantile business at Woodland almost continually since the first store building was erected. Mr. Josie has been closely identified with all the civic improvements and general development of this section of Red River County.

Mr. Josie was married in 1885 to Mollie E. Marlowe. One child, Edna, was born to this union. Miss Edna married Arch Chambless, who died in 1935. Arch Chamblass was

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937