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Sallie McKinney married a Mr. Reed and lived in Alabama. After the death of her husband she moved to Jonesboro, Texas, in April, 1836, with her daughter, Permelia Reed Geer. Her children were: a daughter who married a Mr. Humphries, a son who married a Miss Humphries. Permelia married Garland Geer.[See also p.113, p.142] Mr. Reed married Miss Humphries in Alabama and both died there. Their children were [1] William and [2] Cynthia.

[1] William Humphries married Polly McGill in Alabama and came with the Geers to Texas in April, 1836, landing at Jonesboro. They then moved to Blossom Prairie, settling at Maple Springs. Their children were: Mary Liza, Elizabeth, Rebecca, and John.

Mary Liza Humphries married George Howison, from Missouri, and lived at Bogata. Their children were: Margaret, Sarah, who never married, and Mary. Margaret Howison married Dr. Lu Howison, from Virginia, and lived at Bogata. Mary Howison married John Wilkerson at Bogata and lived there.

Elizabeth Humphries married William Clatterbuck at Maple Springs. His children were Frances and another child. Frances Clatterbuck married Neil Howison from Virginia at Maple Springs, but lived at Bogata.

Rebecca Humphries first married George Howison from Missouri. Her second marriage was to Spencer Keeling. They lived at Bogata but had no children.

John Humphries married and lived at Bogata. His children were: Bettie,

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
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