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land were sold off at different times. Descendants still live on and hold parts of these lands.

Among the descendants are Mrs. Laura Hardman's heirs, the late Lewis, John, Joel and Beulah, and the still living Robert, Mary Emily Hardman Medford, and Flossie. The Peek heirs or descendants are Sam, Robert, John, Hal, Daisey, Emma, and Charles. The Beaty heirs were John Blanton, son of Robert Beaty, and W. B. Beaty's sons and daughters, who still live in the southeastern part of the county. The Wootten Cemetery is the resting place of all the families' deceased and affords some very interesting data on the county's early history. Here are buried the Wellborn's and Wauhop's descendants from as early as 1846.

William J. Dinwiddie and wife, Lucy E. Gillum Dinwiddie, came to Texas in 1854 and settled in Red River County. To them were born the following children: Harriett Ann, Charles Robert, Sarah, Jedidia, Chandler, James Bradley, Mary Susan, Ballard Alvin, M. D., William Jasper, Martha Jane, Seth Thomas, and Lucy Elizabeth.

This is one of the pioneer families of Red River County and very prominent in its development.


Garrett Igo was born in Kentucky in 1812 in Daniel Boone's fort on the Kentucky River. His father and grandfather were French, coming into Kentucky with Boone from Maryland, settling

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937