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at the fort near Lexington and Richmond. The Igos still own the land on which the fort stood and an appropriate marker is on the spot where the Boone Colony lived. His father died when he was a youth and his mother married a Mr. Haggard, he having been married and having some children, one of whom, Miss Nancy Haggard, Garrett Igo later married.

To this union were born ten children, of which all grew to manhood and womanhood. There were eight boys and two girls. The boys were: Pleasant, Louis, Green, Garrett, Jr., Ephraim, Napoleon, William, and Clifton. The girls were Emma and Mollie.

He lived in Kentucky until 1850, when he found his way into Texas. The Hart family had preceded him here and were living in Clarksville, and it was they who on their trips to their old home in Kentucky, advised him to come to their new country. In some way he lost his bearings and crossed the Red River west of where Sherman now stands and went south to a colony in San Augustine County, not finding his friends there. He learned that they were at Clarksville and after staying a year, headed north for his destination, Clarksville. He crossed Sulphur River at Ringos crossing, a ferry at the southwest corner of Red River County, and found his old friends.

On this trip many trials and hardships were encountered. His work steers all died of tick or Texas fever as did his blooded horses he had brought along. He landed in the city in need and

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937