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were born four children: Mary Lee, Lillie, Garrett, and Matt. Some of these are yet living in Red River County.

Among these descendants were merchants, carpenters, surveyors, auto salesmen, teachers, rural carriers, stockmen, farmers, and many other vocations. Garrett Igo and wife are buried at old Concord. The Igos have helped to develop and build up the country in which they chose to spend their lives, and the younger generation is still carrying on as did the older ones. Five of the boys were in the Confederacy, all returning safe. In the World War, none were in the draft. All of these descendants were and are Democrats, and Baptists.

[The Whiteman Family]

Among the early pioneer families of Red River County were the Whitemans. Mr. Amos Whiteman and his wife, Sarah, coming from Illinois, landed in Red River County in 1848. The sons of Amos Whiteman were David, Justice E., Squire, Henry, and Levi. The daughters were Mrs. J. K. Crain, and Mrs. Permelia Crain.

The family of Justice E. Whiteman comprised the following: daughters, Tobitha J. Whiteman-Bivens, Sarah Whiteman-McCain, Mollie, who married Rohatch; Bertha, who married Mr. Marrs, and Carrie, who married Mr. Smith. The sons of Justice were Jim, John, Tom, LeRoy, George, Pat, and Lummie. Mr. Justice E. Whiteman was born in Illinois in 1839, and died at Detroit, Red River County, in 1926.

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937