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letter never reached Frank Clark. However, in 1862 it came into possession of James Clark, a brother; and 40 years ago, he presented it to his son, the present Judge Pat B. Clark; and thus the letter has been in possession of the pioneer Clark family of Red River County for three-quarters of a century.

Recently, this fine rare relic came into the possession of Dr. Wm. E. Howard of Dallas, Texas, the noted collector of Texiana and historical materials on Southwestern history -- presented to the Doctor in recognition of valuable assistance rendered the Judge in arranging and publishing his history of Clarksville and Red River County, Texas. The highly interesting letter follows:

Dyersburg, April 30, 1849.

My Dear Friend:

Yours of March 23 is now before me; it came safely to hand several days since. There is no news of importance in this region of "Musquatoes." While attempting to write they are giving me particular gass, notwithstanding the smoke made in the room.

I mention this as an apology for the disconnected account of my Buena Vista service, which I promised to give you a slight sketch. As you may find the subject rather barren of interesting incidents, I will make up in quantity what is lacking in quality, so will give you according to recollection the history of our movements from the time we arrived at Saltillo before the Battle of Buena Vista, to the closing of our career with old rough and ready. We arrived early in February at Saltillo with 27 men, officers included. I was instructed by the men "as they had paid their own expenses" to make the General the offer of our services for six months on condition of receiving pay as

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937