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cavalry was moving down on the Rancho to attack Col. "Ycle", leaving their Infantry far in the Arkansas Cavalry.

It was exciting in the extreme. They reached their point first and the Arkansas Cavalry gave way before their superior numbers, and fled for the Rancho with the enemy hot in pursuit. We at the same time gaining rapidly upon the rear of the enemy, but ere we could reach them they had the Rancho, and was completely shattered by a fire from the waggoners and scattered Infantry from the field of battle who occupied it. Just at this time a captain of Cavalry came dashing down our lines trying to escape back the mountain way, he going full tilt one way, we the other. The chances to hit him were small yet worth trying, so I just let slip at him one of my barrels, and had the luck to hit him in both hands and his horse on the side of the head, which brought him to his knees, and the poor fellow had to surrender.

Just about the time Col. May halted the command, upon being asked why he did so, "at the time" he said the dust was so great that our friends in the Rancho would take us for enemies, but would continue the charge as soon as the dust blew away. This of course was too late and so we lost the only chance offered us during the day to make a successful charge. However, we prevented most of them from again joining their own Army, compelling them with two pieces of cannon we had, to move off in a different direction than that of their own Army. It was now that Lieut. Wood of the 2nd Dragoon asked me to use my influence with Col. May to get him to move against the enemy's right wing with our two pieces of artillery. This he agreed to do as soon as we could examine the ground. Off we scampered in double quick for that purpose. Lieut. Wood returning when half way to the enemy, with the information of the ground being entirely practicable. This was done to save time.

In the meantime I was to make a further examination

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937