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Primary Sources - Public Documents - Manuscripts

Texas Consular CorrespondenceSEE Consular Correspondence.

Texas Consular LettersSEE Consular Letters.

Texas Documents under the Great SealSEE Documents under the Great Seal.

Texas Domestic CorrespondenceSEE Domestic Correspondence.

Texas Executive RecordsSEE Executive Department Journals; Executive Records; Record of Executive Documents.

Texas Memorials and PetitionsSEE Memorials and Petitions.

Texas Military Service RecordsSEE Comptroller's Military Service Records.

Texas Militia RollsSEE Militia Rolls.

Texas RangersSEE Muster Rolls; Webb, W. P., Collection.

Texas Republic Papers, 1835-1846.  Archives Collection, University of Texas Library.

Texas State DepartmentSEE State Department.

Town Book of Seguin,  in Guadalupe County Deed Record, Vol. A (entry no. 86).

United States Consular DispatchesSEE Consular Dispatches (U.S.).

United States War DepartmentSEE Freeman, W. G.

Webb, W. P.,  Collection, Texas Rangers (typed transcripts of Adjutant General's Records, 1838-1865). Archives Collection, University of Texas Library.

Primary Sources - Public Documents - Printed

Adams, Ephraim D. (ed.)British Diplomatic Correspondence Concerning the Republic of Texas, 1836-1846. Austin, Texas: Texas State Historical Association, 1917.

_____.  (ed.), "Correspondence from the British Archives Concerning Texas, 1837-1848," Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, XV (1911-1912), 201-265, 294-355;  XVI (1912-1913), 75-98, 184-213, 291-327, 423-429;  XVII (1913-1914), 67-92, 188-206, 306-314, 415-427;  XVIII (1914-1915), 83-108, 208-214, 305-326, 410-417;  XIX (1915-1916), 91-99, 195-206, 283-312, 405-439;  XX (1916-1917), 59-95, 154-193, 277-307, 381-403;  XXI (1917-1918), 69-98, 185-213.

Address of Congress to All the People of Texas,  November 12, 1838. SEE Texas Congress, Joint Committee of.

[Address to the Army on the Subject of Desertion,  March 14, 1840]. SEE Lamar, Mirabeau B.

Adjutant-General, Report ofSEE Texas Adjutant General.

Amador, Juan V. and othersManifiesto del ejército que ha operado contra los tejanos á la nación méjicana. [Dated and signed at end:] Cuartel General en Matamoros, Octubre 16 de 1836. El General en Gefe, Juan V. Amador. El Mayor General, Adrián Woll [and twenty-three others] [Matamoros:] Imprenta del Mercurio de Matamoros, [1836]. Broadside. Copy in Thomas W. Streeter Collection, Yale University Library.

Primary Sources - Public Documents - Printed
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AFTER SAN JACINTO: The Texas-Mexican Frontier, 1836-1841
Joseph Milton Nance, 1963