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The following are statements of personal opinion, not professional legal opinion, about the copyright status of this Index:

This Index

The Index is a catalog or listing of surviving muster rolls and the names that occur on the rolls, which are facts believed to be excluded by copyright law.

Texas State Archives Materials

Texas State Archives muster rolls and online index are public records that are free to use.

Texas General Land Office

Texas General Land Office muster rolls and transcriptions are public records that are free to use.

Other Archives

Some Archives holding muster rolls or transcriptions request that permission be obtained before their materials are published. See Archive References for notes on publication permission that has been obtained for this Index. Subsequent publication may require additional permission. The appropriate Archive should be contacted.

Published Material

Published transcriptions of muster rolls require permission from the copyright holder for reproduction, unless the copyright has expired.

Transcriptions Made For This Index

Any copyrights accrued from the transcription and analysis of original muster rolls for this index are hereby released to the public domain.

H. David Maxey - 2007

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Index to Military Rolls of the Republic of Texas 1835-1845
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