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a corral where they could again pen their stock. They were headed for Cass County, where Will Payne had an aunt. At the Humphreys' they met the family, including the daughters, and after selling out their mules they came back to Red River County, and in 1856 William P. Clatterbuck and Elizabeth and Geo. Wm. Howison and Mary Eliza Humphreys were married.

William P. Clatterbuck was a farmer-stockman, and he and a partner built and operated the first gin at Maple Springs. He later bought out the other man's interest and in 1880 machinery for operating by steam was installed, and on the day the steam was turned on for a test, William P. Clatterbuck had his arm caught in the stand, which necessitated having the left arm amputated at the shoulder. Interested in politics and public-spirited, he and his wife gave the grounds on which our present grammar school is located. He was in the Commissary Dept. C. S. A. in charge of wagons between San Antonio and the northern part of the State. He died April 18, 1899. Elizabeth died on February 15, 1915.

They loved the younger people of the community and must have been loved by them, for many times we are told of how Uncle Bill and Aunt Lizzie had been kind to this or that one in their younger days. And for years any ambitious boy could stay there to go to school, and there were usually several there.

She was a charter member of the first Cumberland

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937